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    Snicket Notes


    As I Read The Series Of Unfortunate Events 

    I Jotted Down Quick Notes I Found Through Reading

    Below will show you clues, Sunny's words with meanings

    , and direct quotes from the books.

    P.S. I will add more daily!

    Love Gabriella Snicket


    Book: The Carnivorous Carnival
    Sunny Words:
    Word: Lesoint
    Meaning: Im Nearly Done
    Page: 201
    Word: Esoobac
    Meaning: I Dont Remember
    Page: 202
    Pg 203: Violet & Klaus
    got lost at a train station and 
    went around to find them. They found
    them at the end of their day with the
    help with some shop owners. Their 
    father stated :
    "If You Lose Us" "Stay Put"

    Sunny Words:
    Word: Worf
    Meaning: I Don't think we should stay 
    put; I think we should leave right now.
    Page: 205
    Page: 207
    The Woman from the Daily Punctillo is
    here to report who gets devoured!
    Sunny Words: 
    Word: Trenceth 
    Meaning: You ought to be ashamed of 
    of yourself!
    Page: 247

    Quick Note:
    I Hop around from book to book 
    looking for clues; more from 
    Carnivorous Carnival later.

    Book: The Slippery Slope

    I Found a secret message to 
    Lemony Snicket's sister from 
    Lemony on page: 100 
    line 16 down. 
    It Reads,
    My Dear Sister,
     I am taking a great risk 
    in hiding a letter to you 
    inside one of my books, but 
    I am certain that even the
    most melancholy and 
    well-read people in the
    world have found my account
    of the lives of the three
    Baudelaire children even 
    more wretched than I had
    promised, and so this book
    will stay on the shelves 
    of libraries, utterly 
    ignored, waiting for you 
    to open it and find this 
    message. As an additional 
    precaution. I have placed
    a warning that the 
    Baudelaires' miserable 
    journey up the Vertical
    Flame Diversion, so anyone
    who has the courage to read
    such a description is probably
    brave enough to read my letter 
    to you. I Have at least learned 
    the whereabouts of the evidence 
    that will exonerate me, a phrase
    which means "prove to the
    authorities that it is Count Olaf
    not me who has started many fires"
    Your suggestion, so many years ago
    at that picnic, that tea set would
    be a handy place to hide any
    thing important and small in the
    event of a dark day, has turned
    out  to be a correct. (Incidentally
    , your other picnic suggestion, 
    that a simple combo of sliced mango,
    black beans, and chopped celery, 
    mixed with black pepper, lime juice, 
    and olive oil would make a 
    delicious chilled salad also turned
    out to be correct)I am on my way 
    now to the Valley Of Four Drafts, 
    in order to continue my research.
    From the site of V.F.D. headquarters
    , I will head straight to hotel 
    Denouement. I should arrive by-
    well, it would not be wise to 
    type the date. But It shall be
    easy for you to remember 
    Beatrice's Birthday. Meet
    me at the hotel. Try to get
    a room without ugly curtains.

     With all due respect,
            Lemony Snicket

    With that info i think that Lemony's
    sister is Sunny Baudelaire because
    of her good cooking. Remember her cooking
    in Carnivorous Carnival; She added 
    cinnamon in her hot cocoa.
    Now For Beatrice , they 
    adopted a baby named Beatrice.
    it could have also been someone else ..
    We Will Have To See...