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    Snicket Facts!

  • Beatrice is dead. (1.-6)

  • Lemony Snicket's life is constantly being threatened. (1-8)

  • Lemony Snicket can play the accordion. (1.124)

  • In order to escape from the castle of an enemy of his, Lemony Snicket once had cards printed that said he was an admiral in the French navy. (3.57)

  • Count Olaf was involved in Beatrice's death. (4.109) Fire also played into it. (5.55)

  • Lemony Snicket is used to being served by a butler. (4.29)

  • Lemony Snicket has/had a chauffeur. (4.88)

  • Lemony Snicket spent over 15 years trying to warn Beatrice about Count Olaf. (5.167)

  • "he [Lemony Snicket] is often mistaken for a much taller man..." (5, Author Biography)Count Olaf is known for his considerable height. Thanks to Annie24249 on the Malicious Message Board @

  • Beatrice died soon after meeting Lemony Snicket. (6.-6)

  • Mrs. Baudelaire used to love auctions. (6.44)

  • Beatrice has left behind an important 'legacy.' (6.57)

  • Esmé Squalor feels that Beatrice stole something from her, and that stealing the Baudelaire orphans' inheritance will make up for that theft. (6.187)

  • A secret passageway leads from 667 Dark Avenue to the Baudelaire property. (6.214)

  • The secret of V.F.D. is not Very Fancy Doilies. (6.244)

  • Jacques Snicket has a tattoo of an eye on his left ankle because of his job at V.F.D. and one eyebrow. (7.113-15)

  • Jacques Snicket does not want the Baudelaire orphans dead, and knew their parents. (7.118)

  • The secret of V.F.D. is not the Village of Fowl Devotees. (7.50)

  • Beatrice met Esmé Squalor on a Thursday afternoon at tea. (8.33)

  • Jacques Snicket was an old enemy of Count Olaf, and the brother of Lemony Snicket. (7.222)

  • The secret of V.F.D. is not Volunteers Fighting Disease. (8.42, 8.251)

  • A file about the Snicket fires mentions the Baudelaire orphans. (8.70)

  • The "V" in V.F.D. stands for "Volunteer." (8.75)

  • Count Olaf uses anagrams as aliases. (8.76)

  • Lemony Snicket once found it necessary to steal a sugar bowl from Esmé Squalor. (8.90)

  • The Baudelaire parents knew Jacques and Lemony Snicket since before the Baudelaires' married. (8.106-08, 8.113)

  • "Carrie E. Abelabudite" is an anagram for "Beatrice Baudelaire." (8.158) Thanks to Julia, the Goldfish 
    Jenny asks the fun question: Could Beatrice Baudelaire be Mr B's sister?

  • "Monty Kensicle" is an anagram for "Lemony Snicket." (8.159) Thanks to Navi Dues

  • Lemony Snicket has a tattoo on his left ankle, a reminder of a happier time in his life. (8.214)

    Book 3: page 126 I [Lemony Snicket] have seen a woman I loved picked up by an enormous eagle and flown to its high mountain nest.

    Book 4: Dedication 
    My love flew like a butterfly/Until death swooped down like a bat...

    Book 6: page 26 
    "Ah!" Jerome said. "You're [Violet] adventurous! . . . Your mother was adventurous, too. . . . We hiked up Mount Fraught with some friends--gosh, it must have been twenty years ago. Mount Fraught was known for having dangerous animals on it, but your mother wasn't afraid. But then, swooping out of the sky--"

    Book 8: page 72 
    ...I would have been able to tell them a long and terrible story about men and women who joined a noble organization only to find their lives wrecked by a greedy man and a lazy newspaper...

    Book 8: page 77 
    The word "Beatrice" reminds me of a volunteer organization that was swarming with corruption...

    Book 8: page 76 
    "This page [of the Quagmire journals] . . . has on it a long list of dates. It looks like something was going on every twelve weeks or so."

    Book 8: page 89 
    It is useless to tell the Snicket story, because it happened so very long ago, and because there is nothing anybody can do about the way it has turned out...

    Book 8: page 109 
    ...experts now suspect that there may in fact be one survivor of the fire, but the survivor's whereabouts are unknown.

    The Slippery Slope clue is available in the gallery. It says "Two will disappear and never be seen again." But then, it also includes the words 'red herring,' so one can't be too sure that those ladies with the powdered faces are the next to die.